The most exclusive summer courses
in boarding schools in England

All Summer courses are accredited by the British Council, the UK’s international cultural relations body. Courses are located in some of the best schools in England. Everything is included (except plane tickets and pocket-money):

  • English classes
  • Boarding school accommodation with all meals
  • Broad programme of social and sporting activities, as well as excursions
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Insurance

There are no extra expenses. Courses include 20 English lessons per week, taught exclusively by EFL teachers. Courses have children from more than 30 different nationalities, and there is a maximum quota for each nationality in each course. There are courses specialising in tennis, golf, piano, media and design, rugby (only for boys) and “English with style” (only for girls).

In addition to learning English,
your child will enjoy an experience
that he will cherish forever

EFL- English as a Foreign Language

Between 15 and 20 hours of English classes per week (20 lessons). Taught by EFL qualified teachers. On average there are 10 pupils per class, and no more than 16. Groups are formed based on pupils’ levels of English (6 levels). Beginners are catered for. Also included:

  • English exam on arrival to determine level of English
  • Monitoring of pupil’s progress
  • End of course exam
  • Course certificate and grades
  • Text book and various other supplies
  • Group photograph

Some courses may also offer the opportunity to sit for IELTS and Trinity tests. Activities and excursions: one of the best and most complete summer programmes available. Please refer to each school's page for more details.

Your child's well-being
and security are our
top priority at all times


Boys and girls sleep in separate areas within the boarding houses. In order to supervise the children, some of the course staff sleep in the children’s boarding houses. Each house is locked with a security code, only known to the course staff and pupils. There is at least one common room per house, equipped with TV and games. Ample showering facilities are provided. The bedrooms are either single, double or triple – the larger rooms are reserved for the younger pupils. Pupils have access to pay-phones to call home and prepaid phone cards are available in the course head office. Parents cannot reach the children via the pay-phones, but they can leave messages for their children at the head office. Pupils with mobile phones are not permitted to use these during the daily activities. Clothes are washed and clean sheets are distributed once a week. However, pupils are required to bring their own towels.

Pastoral care

The staff to pupil ratio is high, with one supervisor for every six children on average, this ensures that children feel secure to enjoytheir English learning experience and enables them to have a nice stay. The teaching staff for Summer school courses are drawn from the school's full-time academic staff or could be school alumni or even course alumni. In each school, the person responsible for the pupils’ welfare is a senior staff member of the organisation, with broad experience in running such courses. Pupils are under constant supervision. The staff members in charge of activities supervise and instruct the pupils in sports and other activities, encouraging them to develop new skills. They also accompany pupils on excursions and during evening activities. During free time, pupils over 12 years of age are allowed to go shopping unsupervised close to the school, as long as they go as a group. If parents would prefer that their child was not allowed to do so, this must be specified in writing. On arrival in the UK, some staff members will meet the children at the airport and accompany them to the school where their summer course is taught. Transfers to/from the airport are included in the price, as long as these take place on the planned course start and end dates and as long as arrival airports are among those listed in the table (see adjacent). On arrival at the school, pupils are welcomed and after registration, they are accompanied to their boarding houses. Pupils then have time to unpack, shower and rest. The staff ensure that children have something to eat and help them to call their parents to inform them of their safe arrical. Also, on the last day, members of staff help pupils to check in at the airport and take care of them until they have passed Airport Security.

We guarantee that your child will be provided with a well balanced diet and, should he have any special dietary requirements, these can be requested upon registration


The majority of meals are eaten in the school dining room. For lunch, there is a choice of salads and hot dishes. Packed lunches are prepared for excursions. Occasionally, the organisation will pay for a meal or afternoon tea in a restaurant. Drinks and biscuits are usually available at breaks between lessons. Any special dietary requirements can be requested when applying. Meals are healthy and well balanced:

  • Breakfast: a selection of savoury hot dishes, a variety of breakfast cereals, fruit juices and hot drinks , various types of bread, butter , marmalade and honey
  • Lunch: A choice of meat and vegetarian main courses, a different selection of vegetables every day, salad buffet, dessert and a choice o f fruit
  • Dinner: Soup, hot main course and/or pasta bar, sandwich bar, choice of fruit and/or dessert, a variety of yogurts and hot and cold drinks